Thursday, May 7, 2015


Here's a fun exercise.
You know how sometimes the bad guy in movies is about to ice an innocent bystander to show us just how bad he is and how worthy of receiving a heroic beating? The victim may try to plead for his and/or her life. So let's count up the number of times the victim says "please, I'm an innocent bystander" and the times he specifies "I have a wife and children" and tally these disparate pleas by gender.

Let's count up all the female victims who only have to state their innate right to exist to gain our sympathy. Then let's count all the male victims who have to justify their existence by the service they render to a female and her offspring. Even more fun, let's count all the times this actually works to summon the screenwriter deus ex machina.

Count up all that divergent disdain for human life then tell me how much our media-brainwashed society despises... women?

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