Tuesday, January 20, 2015

- of the ass-end of nowhere.

I currently reside in a little midwestern U.S. one-horse town. Its most prominent feature is a cow-college. Take a few steps in any direction and you'll hit corn. Deer graze on the university lawns at dusk. Amish homemakers occasionally hitch rides to the local supermarket to buy gigantic bags of flour. Cars sit on cinder-blocks in the "bad" part of town. The most prominent cultural activity is counting sports scores.

None of which stops this suppository of Americana from producing a rich crop of overfed overentitled overlords. Podunk has its very own gen-u-ine country club! Yessiree, the rich fucks of Anytown, USA can kick back and lament the impertinence of the lower breeds of mankind just like the big boys'n'girls in the big city. They're the upper crust -

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