Saturday, September 20, 2014

... and the women who love them.

So over here in the U.S. various media streams are currently throwing around a lot of feigned outrage at the discovery that American football players are beating their girlfriends, wives and children. This of course follows the feigned outrage at finding out last year that others of the same hideously overpaid muscleheads were spewing racial slurs at each other. Before that it was, what, the fact that they were driving over pedestrians like speed bumps while the cops just shrugged? Before that it was dirty dealing in league trades. In between all of this we of course have the usual steroid addiction. Just to bring things around full circle, back in the 90s, if the glove doesn't fit, you must ... be freakin' kidding me, he got away with what?

Golly gee,  might there perhaps be some sort of pattern with these paragons of pop-culture virtue? Take some overstuffed knuckle-draggers out of Podunk, put them on the cover of magazines, pump them full of testosterone and entitlement, hand them a fortune in cash and make sure they never get prosecuted for anything. What could go wrong?

They're fucking jocks! Stop pretending you even want them to be anything other than what they are, your vicarious primal urge toward ritualized violence. They're brainless lumps of muscle who beat their wives unconscious so that you can live through their glorious incarnation of the alpha male ideal.

Ah, but see, while that's all sort of passe by now, there's an added layer of dishonesty running like drool from these slack-jawed petty thugs into our politically correct society at large. The mass media is playing this off as a "domestic violence" issue, which is to say a male issue. Oh, that brutish male oppression. Yet not a one of these vicious lumbering mouthbreathers will ever have known a cold bed or lonely night since they hit puberty.

It's women who operate sexual selection in the human species, whose standards are supposedly oh-so-high. It's women who refuse to mate with anything but the best... except that "best" always means high social rank, aggressive alpha type jackasses. It's women who have bred these traits into humanity generation after generation for hundreds of thousands of years. So don't give me any feminist crap about male oppression while hanging off the arm of some lantern-jawed meathead or cut-throat rising company star.

You deserve your lumps.

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