Friday, March 28, 2014

My enemy's friend

About a year ago I got into a screaming match (figuratively, since I prefer to type) with my old LotRO guild and left. It started with an argument about what does or does not constitute an MMO. I consistently worked toward some sort of rational definition while the worthless dimwit I had pitted myself against retorted only with "but that's just your opinion" in the finest tradition of postmodern anti-intellectualism.

That in itself would not have been enough to make me give up on them. However, the rest sided with her. They wanted to keep the peace. They decided to side with stupidity. This is the final nail in humanity's coffin. Your tolerance for stupidity, your unwillingness to burn those bridges, the socially convenient glorification of "tolerance" as a cultural ideal is our time's contribution to the death of the species. You know better. But you'd rather side with your dimwitted "friends" than support an objectively superior viewpoint. You want to keep the peace? Nothing more peaceful than the communal graves which will become all too common as you allow every hard-won advance of the past few centuries against the human norm to be whittled away by those brainless masses.

And the setting does not matter one bit. Quality is quality and truth is truth, no matter that you're in the real world or in cyberspace, and there is no excuse whatsoever for refusing to condemn stupidity in games. I have been banned endless times in more games than I care to count by more mental midgets than I should ever have bothered interacting with. Because I'm the only bad guy. Because when you see me criticizing some little dimwit who instead of playing for the team abuses you for his own self-aggrandizement you just keep quiet and let me get shouted down, let him keep on ahead as long as you can get the idiot to call you "cool" while denigrating my higher ground. If it's "just a game" then why are you incapable of taking the risk of enforcing morality even there? If you're so pathetically scared of speaking out against stupidity there, am I supposed to believe you'll do it when it's not "just a game" ?

So you know what, if that's your mental level, I'll gladly sink to it. If that's the world, then the fuck with all of it and the fuck with all of you. No more well-reasoned arguments. No more trying to elevate your thought processes. Go fuck yourselves, all of you. I will insult you wherever I find you. If you want to use the anonymity of the internet to make yourselves feel big, then by all means, allow me to illustrate your stupidity in uncomfortably stark outlines. I've been spending more and more time in online games just swearing endlessly at you. It's not as cathartic as it would seem, but hell, it's not like anything else works. There is only one insult which matters, the insult to intelligence, but since you're incapable of grasping that I will gladly call you every racist, sexist, scatological, monosyllabic curse in the vast repertoire of your lowest-common-denominator rape of language.

If you can't be brought up out of your stupidity, then absorbing my insults is all you're good for. If you refuse to claw your way out of your putrid human social interdependence with sub-primate intellects, then rot along with them. I only hope I live long enough to get to see the world burn so I can revel in your pain. This is the way I choose to have you kill me.

Though I'm pretty sure even then instead of recanting your support of mass stupidity, you'll be blaming me for pointing out the apocalypse. Fuck you retards.

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