Saturday, September 7, 2013

Massively Multiplayer, a proposed tragedy in five acts

Cast Suggestions :

King WoW - the heir apparent of both the realms of strategy and roleplaying and later petty tyrant ruler, a bumbling buffoon nonetheless beloved by the masses

The Lord Ultima, of that same estate - a noble scion of the golden age of the ancient pixel empire

The Lords Asheron and Shadowbane - faithful vassals of Lord Ultima

Lady Everquest - seductive little gold-digger and stepmother to King WoW

Sir Diablo II - true father to King WoW, a minor noble mistakenly left out of the reckoning of these games of power by most historians

Baron Lineage II - a wealthy foreigner and mentor to the king

Thane Entropia - a grasping, avaricious merchant prince of doubtful noble lineage whose economic dogma plagues the bitrate empire to this day

The opposing Lords of the succession war - EVE, Planetside, Ryzom, and Tail-in-the-Desert among them, defeated or subjugated by the king

Barons LoTRO, WAR, CoH, Rift and many others like them, the sycophantic retinue of the King

Sir Darkfall and Sir SecretWorld - former rebels, defeated through their own concessions to the crown

The Unchained Lord of Camelot and the gun-toting barbarians of The Repopulation - upstarts with high ambitions, whose coming war against the crown is yet to bear fruit.

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