Thursday, April 25, 2013

Camelot Still Chained

It's times like these i wish i had an audience.

As part of my round-up of potentially playable MMOs, i mentioned Camelot Unchained as the most likely to deliver something interesting. The project is currently nearing the end of its kickstarter campaign: 6 days to go, $600,000 to gather. Things look bleak.

I'm not quite sure what will happen when the project fails to meet its goal. Deadline extension? Start another fundraising drive? Likely as not, they'll be forced back to the old investors, and that will destroy the game. From the start, the idea was to give themselves the freedom to do whatever they could never do if under the thumb of a bean-counter constantly cracking the whip of profit: "surveys show we'd sell five thousand more copies of the game if we don't let players harvest their own resources" etc. As soon as disinterested bottom-liners get to overwrite creativity, it's done. May as well dig out your old WoW CDs.

It's times like these i wish i had an audience to cajole, bamboozle and connive into backing my frontrunner. It's times like these i wish not every ape on the planet equated power with credibility and waded solely in the mainstream for the joy of the communal muck of it.

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