Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Han doesn't shoot at all now

Yup, for all you Star Wars fans that complained (justifiably) about Lucas' moronic later additions to what i've heard quite astutely described as his 'accidental masterpiece' -

your worst nightmare has come true

Ewoks and Gungans for everyone! No hero will now actually shoot anyone. They will simply watch as the villain dramatically falls off a cliff into conveniently placed reactors. Princess Leia is now a minority stereotype painting with all the colors of the solar wind. Chewbacca gets a makeover halfway through episode 8 to look like Justin Bieber.

Bwahahahaha! And do you know what's even funnier? Star Wars fandom is idiotic enough not to simply ignore all the new crap and think of the galaxy far far away as it was first described, take the good, leave the bad. They will feel compelled to consider every idiotic disneyed episode from now on 'canon' and try to maintain the original feel even as Luke Skywalker gets ret-conned into a hard-bitten Ewok mercenary and Vader turns out to be an inside agent, good all along.

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