Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lynyrd Skynyrd needed a better lyricist

Or a better vocalist.

I kept meaning to listen to Free Bird as i had seen it recommended numerous times. The one other time i tried it, i cut it short in the first minute. Having now listened to it in full, i must concede that it is, overall, an excellent ditty in terms of instrumentation. The lyrics however do not match even the feel of the song, to say nothing of providing a focus for it. It's partly the simplistic writing but largely the delivery. The tone and pacing simply fail to convey any meaning. I suppose they could have been attempting to sound wistful, but the song doesn't sound as if it were composed that way.

It sounds schizophrenic. The instruments went up into a wonderful land of despair and overcoming while the words stayed somewhere in the mediocre realm of dime-a-dozen country tunes.

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