Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Give me my own 'toon, Ender

 - because i'd know what to do with it.

For some time now, i've been banging my head against the wall playing League of Legends. It's a bad choice. I'd rather be playing Demigod, if it hadn't died out. As things stand, there is no good choice for Aeon of Strife games. League of Legends seemed the lesser of two evils when compared to Heroes of Newerth, and i have to say it is balanced, works almost seamlessly, and provides good variety. The game itself is not too bad, for an oversimplified joke of an excuse of a ripoff of a good idea.
Its playerbase, however, is composed of the worst dregs of pvp games. All the worthless little idiots who play team games because they think the point is to have others make them look good, all the useless morons who are so scared of dying and ruining their personal score that they never do anything to help the team, all the pathetic cretins who never bother learning the game as a whole and only play one character using one template "like dude, 'cuz its awesome!!!!" seem to migrate to AoS games.

As soon as pre-game character selection starts you'll likely see two players saying "i'm picking character xyz". This is because players pick their roles on the team in sequence, and invariably, the last two players to pick want to ignore the order and get whatever they want because "dude i called it OMG". I have lost three games in a row today because some imbecile wanted to 'call it', i refused to let him, and he went on to purposely throw the game. The other players invariably side with him because they'd rather perpetuate the idiocy of 'calling it' than stand up to him.
I said that the game is balanced. It is. Chat will regardlessly always be filled with complaints of "OMG you picked character XYZ he sucks OMG u suck" or "OMG that spell sucks dun pick it u suck OMG". If you do try to do something they don't understand, they will always refuse to play with you for the entire game, regardless of the opportunities you can give them, because having you as a scapegoat is infinitely preferable to admitting someone who doesn't use the same flavor of the month templates as everyone else might've been right.

Once in game, it's impossible to get anyone to actually do anything together. Every player wants you to weaken enemies so that he only comes in to land a killing blow and increase his personal score, which actually has absolutely no bearing on the outcome of the match. The most popular activity in the game is scapegoating. Sacrificing yourself for a player so that he can get a couple of kills will invariably result in that player later on telling you what a loser you are because he has a better score than you, and how you cost the team the game. As soon as anyone gets attacked, the rest of the team usually breaks and runs instead of helping him so that they have an excuse to assign blame. If your team is at a disadvantage, odds are that one or two players will decide to sit at the spawn site and refuse to play, cementing a defeat for the whole team because they don't want to make themselves look bad by trying and possibly dying.

In short, hopeless stupidity. It's true, there are ways i could work with this. Since i am usually the only one willing to dive headlong into the enemy team in order to give my allies an advantage, i more consistently win when i play tanks myself instead of forcing profiteers to do it. I could give in to the idiots who want to 'call it' so that they're happy and don't spend all their time in game complaining in chat about how they'd be doing so much better as character XYZ.
I could do lots of things. I won't. They're wrong, i'm right. I know what has to be done and i try to do it every time, regardless of whether my teammates understand it. I've also given up on explaining anything to them. Regardless of how well i play, i will never do well in League of Legends because i am unwilling to play badly just so that i'm in tune with the general stupidity of the populace. I refuse to adjust downwards.

Damn Ender Wiggin was right. Knowing what to do with a platoon is easy. Getting them to do it is the hard part.

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