Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Names have been changed to protect the unapologetic

I fancy myself a creator. I've tried writing stories and they were trash. I've tried writing poetry and it turned out even worse. Not that i'd surrender it, but the tendency to look beneath the surface, to try to understand events and express them in an elegant fashion, has generally just made me miserable.

I recently found out that, some time ago, a good fiction writer whose work i enjoy married a good songwriter whose work i enjoy. Dagnabbit, that's just wrong!
They're better than me. Therefore, they should be even more miserable than me. It's a very simple rule, a constant of the universe.

Quit muckin with my physics, you gothy bastards.

Addendum: it may be noted that close relationships between two individuals of artistic temperament are hardly the most stable. Schadenfreude pending.

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